Cell Sciences’ biologically active monoclonal antibodies specifically recognize cytokines, chemokines & CD antigens.  These azide-free antibodies can recognize both recombinant and native proteins.  Suitable applications include induction, activation, neutralization and inhibition studies.

Catalog   No. Specificity Biological Activity
CDM024 CD2 Inhibits mixed lymphocyte culture
CDM127 CD3 Induces T lymphocyte stimulation and proliferation
CDM130 CD4 Inhibits mixed lymphocyte culture
CDM143 CD10 Cytotoxic In association with rabbit complement on CD10+ cells
CDM160 CD20 Cytotoxic in association with complement on CD20 cells
CDM162 CD21 Induces human B-cell proliferation and competes with EBV for CD21 binding
CDM001 CD25  Inhibits mixed lymphocyte culture
CDM171 CD28 Inhibits mixed lymphocyte culture. Co-stimulates T-cell proliferation
CDM175 CD34 Class I Triggers KG-1a cell aggregation
CDM180 CD40 Stimulates B-cell proliferation together with IL-4
CDM039 CD44 Triggers T-lymphocyte aggregation. Enhances Hyaluronan binding to CD44
CDM045 CD54 Inhibits PHA stimulated T-cell proliferation
CDM201 CD86 Inhibits mixed lymphocyte culture
CDM068 CD95 Triggers Fas induced apoptosis
CDM070 CD95 Inhibits FasL induced apoptosis
CDM051 CD102 Inhibits cell adhesion and T-cell activation
CDM054 CD106 Inhibits cell attachment to VCAM-1
CDM203 CD117  Inhibits the KIT ligand induced proliferation of TF1 cell line
CDM009 CD126 Inhibits IL-6 induced proliferation of XG-1 cell line. Inhibits IL-6 binding to its receptor
CDM012 CD130 Inhibits IL-6, IL-11, CNTF, LIF and OSM activities
CDM019 CD130 Activates cells carrying gp130.  Induces gp130 activation, Jak 1, Jak 2, Stat 1 and Stat 3 phosphorylation.
CDM073 CD178 Inhibits soluble CD178 induced apoptosis.
CDM219 CD184 Inhibits HIV-1 infection.
CDM229 CD202b Inhibits Tek-L / Tek binding.
CDM076 CD253 Enhances TRAIL induced apoptosis.
CDM080 CD253 Inhibits TRAIL induced apoptosis.
CDM231 CD261 Neutralizes TRAIL induced apoptosis on HEL cell line.
CDM234 CD262 Neutralizes TRAIL induced apoptosis of U937 cell line.
CDM237 CD262 Agonist: induced apoptosis on   Jurkat cells. Enhances TRAIL induced apoptosis of U937 cell line.
CDM238 CD263 Inhibits TRAIL binding to TRAIL   R3.
CDM241 CDw218a Inhibits human IFN-gamma secretion induced by IL-18 stimulated cells.
CDM259 IL-1b Inhibits IL-1 beta induced proliferation on D10S murine cell line.
CDM261 IL-2 Inhibits IL-2 induced proliferation on CTL-L2 murine cell line.
CDM264 IL-4  Inhibits IL-4 induced proliferation on TF1 cells.
CDM265 IL-6  Inhibits IL-6 induced proliferation on B9 cells.
CDM268 IL-8 Inhibits IL-8 induced chemotaxis of human neutrophils.
CDM270 IL-10 Inhibits IL-10 induced proliferation on MC/9 cell line.
CDM271 IL-12 Inhibits IL-12 induced proliferation on PHA and IL-2 activated lymphocytes.
CDM275 IL-13 Inhibits IL-13 induced proliferation on TF1 cell line.
CDM282 IL-15 Inhibits IL-15 induced proliferation on Kit 225 cell line.
CDM114 IL-17A Inhibits the bioactivity of IL-17A on keratinocytes cell line HaCaT (measurement of defensin-2 production).
CDM288 IL-17F Neutralizes the bioactivity of   IL-17F on HT1080 cell line (measurement of IL-6 production).
CDM115 IL-23 Inhibits the bioactivity of   rhIL-23 on mouse splenocytes C57BI/6 (measurement of mIL-17 or mIL-22 production).
CDM256 IFN-g Inhibits IFN-gamma induced proliferation.
CDM341 Neurotensin Receptor1 Inhibits neurotensin binding to its receptor.
CDM306 NKp46 The biological activity is measured by the ability of the coated antibody to induce degranulation of   activated NK cells and to enhance IFNγ secretion by non-activated NK cells.
CDM276 TNF-a Inhibits TNF-alpha induced cytotoxicity on U937 cells.