ELISA Reagent Tool Set

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M1980 pdf (datasheet)


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The Pelikine ToolTM set has been developed to complement CLB's successful line of Pelikine compactTM ELISA kits, as well as the PeliPair Reagent Set for ELISA. The Pelikine compactTM ELISA kits have been designed to combine the ease of a ready-to-use kit with the economy of a do-it-yourself assay. The  PeliPair Reagent Set offers the researcher even more economy with sufficient antibodies and Standard for 19 microtiter plates.. The user of either version has only to make a few simple buffer solutions and use standard ELISA reagents.

The Pelikine ToolTM set contains the chemicals and solutions to be used in the Pelikine compactTM kits: coating and washing buffers, as well as substrate and stop solutions. Now you are certain of high-quality solutions.  To obtain optimal ELISA results, by using these ready-made components, you save time and prevent mistakes as well. It is recommended to use our High Performance HPE dilution buffer (M1940) and our Streptavidin poly-HRP (M1980), for optimal results.

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The Pelikine ToolTM set should be stored at 2-8°C.