ELISA Reagent Toolset

Cat. No.:

M1980 pdf (datasheet)


1 kit


$430.00 BUY

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The Pelikine-ToolTM set should be stored at 2-8°C.

Application notes:

The Pelikine-ToolTM set has been developed to complement CLB's successful line of Pelikine compactTM ELISA kits. The latter have been designed to combine the ease of a ready-to-use kit with the economy of a do-it-yourself assay. Thus, the user of our Pelikine-compactTM kits only has to make a few simple buffer solutions and ELISA reagents. The Pelikine-ToolTM set contains the chemicals and solutions to be used in the Pelikine-compactTM kits: coating and washing buffers, as well as substrate and stop solutions. Now you are certain of high-quality solutions, to obtain optimal ELISA results and by using these ready-made components, you save time and prevent mistakes as well.