Human B2 Bradykinin Receptor


B2R, BKR2, BK-2, BK2

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Bradykinin receptor B2 is a G-protein coupled receptor whose principle ligands are bradykinin, angiotensin and kallidin. The B2 receptor is a G protein-coupled receptor, probably coupled to Gq and Gi. Gq stimulates phospholipase C to increase intracellular free calcium and Gi inhibits adenylate cyclase. The B2 receptor forms a complex with angiotensin converting enzyme and this is thought to play a role in cross-talk between the renin-angiotensin system and the kinin-kallikrein system. The receptor is available in the following formats: stable over-expression cell line, membrane preparation, or purified receptor in HEK293 or CHO. Various tagged versions are available.

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