Human CD178 Fas-Ligand ELISPOT w/o plates



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CDK110A pdf (datasheet)


5 X 96 tests


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The Cell Sciences® ELISPOT assay is based on sandwich immune-enzyme technology and can detect human CD178 Fas-Ligand and single cells that simultaneously produce multiple cytokines. Cell secreted human CD178 Fas-Ligand is captured by coated antibodies avoiding diffusion in supernatant, protease degradation or binding on soluble membrane receptors. After cell removal, the captured human CD178 Fas-Ligand is revealed by tracer antibodies and appropriate conjugates. This technique is designed to determine the frequency of human CD178 Fas-Ligand producing cells under a given stimulation and the comparison of such frequency against a specific treatment or pathological state.


Store all reagents at 2-8°C.