Human D(4) dopamine receptor


Dopamine D4 receptor, D4DR, D(2C) Dopamine Receptor, Seven Transmembrane Helix Receptor

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DRD4 encodes the D4 subtype of the dopamine receptor, also known as D4R. The D4 receptor is a target for drugs which treat schizophrenia and Parkinson's disease. This receptor is responsible for neuronal signaling in the mesolimbic system of the brain, an area of the brain that regulates emotion and complex behavior. The D4 receptor modulates the circadian rhythm of contrast sensitivity by regulating the rhythmic expression of NPAS2 in the retinal ganglion cells. D4 receptors are members of the dopamine receptor G-protein-coupled receptor family that also includes D1, D2, D3 and D5. The receptor is available in the following formats: stable over-expression cell line, membrane preparation, or purified receptor in HEK293 or CHO. Various tagged versions are available.

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