Human IL-10 ELISA Kit





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CDK036B pdf (datasheet)


2 plates


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A capture antibody highly specific for IL-10 has been coated to the wells of the microtiter strip plate during manufacture. Binding of IL-10 in samples and known standards to the capture antibodies is completed during an incubation step, then any excess unbound analyte is removed in the wash steps. During the next incubation period, the binding of the biotinylated anti-IL-10 secondary antibody to the analyte occurs. Any excess unbound secondary antibody is then removed in the wash steps. The HRP conjugate solution is added to every well (including the zero wells), the plate is incubated, then excess conjugate is removed by washing. A chromogen substrate (such as TMB) is added to the wells and results in the progressive development of a blue colored complex in wells where the HRP conjugate is bound. The color development is then stopped by the addition of acid, turning the resultant final product yellow. The intensity of the produced colored complex is directly proportional to the concentration of IL-10 present in the samples and standards.


Store all reagents at 2-8°C.