Human Neuromedin-U receptor 2


G-Protein Coupled Receptor TGR-1, G-Protein Coupled Receptor FM-4, Member 4, NMU-R2, Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptor Family,

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NMUR2 encodes the protein known as Neuromedin-U receptor 2, a neuropeptide that is widely distributed in the gut and central nervous system. This receptor plays an important role in the regulation of food intake and body weight. Neuromedin-U (NMU) receptors are a group of Gq/11-protein-coupled receptors that are currently divided into two subtypes: NMU1 and NMU2. The two subtypes have distinct tissue distributions: NMU1 is expressed in the periphery and NMU2 is expressed in the CNS. The receptor is available in the following formats: stable over-expression cell line, membrane preparation, or purified receptor in HEK293 or CHO. Various tagged versions are available.

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