Human Prostaglandin E2 receptor EP3 subtype


PGE2 receptor EP3 subtype, PGE2-R, Prostanoid EP3 receptor, EP3, prostaglandin E receptor 3

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PTGER3 encodes Prostaglandin E2 receptor EP3 subtype, a member of the G proteincoupled receptor family. This protein is one of four receptors identified for prostaglandin E2 (PGE2). Prostaglandin E2 receptor EP3 is classified as an inhibitory type of prostanoid receptor based on its ability, upon activation, to inhibit the activation of adenyl cyclase stimulated by relaxant types of prostaglandin receptors. Prostaglandin E2 receptor EP3 can couple to both the inhibition of adenylate cyclase mediated by G-I proteins, and to an elevation of intracellular calcium. The receptor is available in the following formats: stable over-expression cell line, membrane preparation, or purified receptor in HEK293 or CHO. Various tagged versions are available.

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