Proteins and peptides are key research tools for life scientists. Cell Sciences offers an extensive range of over 7,000 proteins and peptides. Our portfolio includes recombinant proteins produced in mammalian, insect and bacterial cell expression systems. We also offer animal-free versions of recombinant proteins and native proteins purified from tissues and fluids from multiple species. A range of bioactive synthetic peptides, hormones and blocking peptides are also available. Our catalog of proteins and peptides are high purity reagents with validated bioactivity and low endotoxicity. They assist with the study of chemokines, cytokines, growth factors and their associated receptors, adaptive and innate immunity, and the complement and coagulation cascades. Highlights of our broad range of recombinant human proteins include our top selling human soluble VEGFR1/FLT1 and human FGF-21.


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Cat. No. Product Quantity/Size Price Data  
CRH007C Synthetic Human Histrelin 25 mg $730.00 pdf BUY
CRL602B Synthetic Human Leuprolide 25 mg $395.00 pdf BUY
CRL124 Synthetic Human Leuprolide 5 mg $625.00 pdf BUY
CRL602C Synthetic Human Leuprolide 100 mg $825.00 pdf BUY
CRL602A Synthetic Human Leuprolide 5 mg $220.00 pdf BUY
CRL603B Synthetic Human LHRH 25 mg $275.00 pdf BUY
CRL603C Synthetic Human LHRH 100 mg $550.00 pdf BUY
CRL603A Synthetic Human LHRH 10 mg $215.00 pdf BUY
CSI17694B Synthetic Human LL37 Peptide, Free Ends 100 μg $135.00 pdf BUY
CRO101B Synthetic Human Octreotide 5 mg $340.00 pdf BUY
CRO101C Synthetic Human Octreotide 25 mg $1,350.00 pdf BUY
CRO101A Synthetic Human Octreotide 1.0 mg $215.00 pdf BUY
CRO300C Synthetic Human Oxytocin 100 mg Please Inquire pdf BUY
CRO300A Synthetic Human Oxytocin 5 mg $215.00 pdf BUY
CRO300B Synthetic Human Oxytocin 25 mg Please Inquire pdf BUY
CRO300GB Synthetic Human Oxytocin, glass vial 25 mg Please Inquire pdf BUY
CRO300GC Synthetic Human Oxytocin, glass vial 100 mg Please Inquire pdf BUY
CRO300GA Synthetic Human Oxytocin, glass vial 5 mg $215.00 pdf BUY
CRP127A Synthetic Human PTH (1-34) 200 μg $215.00 pdf BUY
CRP127B Synthetic Human PTH (1-34) 1.0 mg $300.00 pdf BUY
CRP127C Synthetic Human PTH (1-34) 5 mg $725.00 pdf BUY
CRS501B Synthetic Human Secretin 5 mg $300.00 pdf BUY
CRS501C Synthetic Human Secretin 25 mg $565.00 pdf BUY
CRS501A Synthetic Human Secretin 1.0 mg $215.00 pdf BUY
CRP602C Synthetic Human Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone 500 mg $1,095.00 pdf BUY
CRP602A Synthetic Human Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone 100 mg $385.00 pdf BUY
CRP602B Synthetic Human Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone 250 mg $695.00 pdf BUY
CRL119A Synthetic Lypressin 5 mg $215.00 pdf BUY
CRL119B Synthetic Lypressin 25 mg $300.00 pdf BUY
CRL119C Synthetic Lypressin 100 mg $575.00 pdf BUY
CRM131C Synthetic MOG Peptide 100 mg $2,100.00 pdf BUY
CRM131A Synthetic MOG Peptide 5.0 mg $235.00 pdf BUY
CRM131B Synthetic MOG Peptide 25 mg $730.00 pdf BUY
CRN102C Synthetic Nafarelin 32 mg $1,050.00 pdf BUY
CRN102A Synthetic Nafarelin 8 mg $350.00 pdf BUY
CRN102B Synthetic Nafarelin 16 mg $600.00 pdf BUY
CRP243B Synthetic PAI1 Ac-TVASSSTA Octapeptide 5 mg $720.00 pdf BUY
CRP243C Synthetic PAI1 Ac-TVASSSTA Octapeptide 10 mg $1,130.00 pdf BUY
CSI13615 Synthetic PKA Substrate (GRTGRRNSI) Peptide 1.0 mg $320.00 pdf BUY
CSI13616 Synthetic PKC substrate 1.0 mg $320.00 pdf BUY
CSI14938 Synthetic PTMA/Thymosin-alpha 1/Thymalfasin 25 mg $2,660.00 pdf BUY
CSI14936 Synthetic PTMA/Thymosin-alpha 1/Thymalfasin 1.0 mg $235.00 pdf BUY
CSI14937 Synthetic PTMA/Thymosin-alpha 1/Thymalfasin 5 mg $695.00 pdf BUY
CSI13872 Synthetic Salmon Calcitonin Acetate 25 mg $2,000.00 pdf BUY
CSI13870 Synthetic Salmon Calcitonin Acetate 1.0 mg $265.00 pdf BUY
CSI13871 Synthetic Salmon Calcitonin Acetate 5 mg $475.00 pdf BUY
CRS140C Synthetic Sincalide 25 mg $695.00 pdf BUY
CRS140A Synthetic Sincalide 1.0 mg $215.00 pdf BUY
CRS140B Synthetic Sincalide 5 mg $300.00 pdf BUY
CSI12429 Synthetic Src Substrate (KVEKIGEGTYGVVYK) Peptide 1.0 mg $320.00 pdf BUY
CRT137B Synthetic Terlipressin 250 mg $995.00 pdf BUY
CRT137C Synthetic Terlipressin 1 g $2,800.00 pdf BUY
CRT137A Synthetic Terlipressin 50 mg $460.00 pdf BUY
CRT142A Synthetic Thymopentin 25 mg $215.00 pdf BUY
CRT142B Synthetic Thymopentin 100 mg $300.00 pdf BUY
CRT142C Synthetic Thymopentin 1 g $1,900.00 pdf BUY
CRT143C Synthetic Thymosin B4 25 mg $2,660.00 pdf BUY
CRT143A Synthetic Thymosin B4 1.0 mg $235.00 pdf BUY
CRT143B Synthetic Thymosin B4 5 mg $720.00 pdf BUY
CRT156C Synthetic Triptorelin Acetate 20 mg $595.00 pdf BUY
CRT156A Synthetic Triptorelin Acetate 5 mg $200.00 pdf BUY
CRT156B Synthetic Triptorelin Acetate 10 mg $325.00 pdf BUY
CSI19714B Synthetic Urobilinogen 500 mg $800.00 pdf BUY
CSI19714A Synthetic Urobilinogen 100 mg $290.00 pdf BUY
CRV105B Synthetic Vasopressin 25 mg $300.00 pdf BUY
CRV105C Synthetic Vasopressin 100 mg $575.00 pdf BUY
CRV105A Synthetic Vasopressin 5 mg $215.00 pdf BUY

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Applications Key

Ag Agonist for Biological Activity
Agg Agglutination
AP Affinity Purification
BL Blocking
DB Dot Blot
FC Flow Cytometry
FS Functional Studies
IA Immunoassay
IB Immunoblot
ICC Immunocytochemistry
ICS Intracellular Cytokine Staining
IF Immunoflourescence
IHC Immunohistochemistry
IHC-F Immunohistochemistry, Frozen sections
IHC-P Immunohistochemistry, Paraffin-embedded
INH Inhibition of Biological Activity
IP Immunoprecipitation
IS Intracellular staining
ISH In Situ Hybridization
MS Mass Spectrometry
NT Neutralizing
RIA Radioimmunoassay
WB Western Blot