Rat Cerebral Cortex Tissue Lysate

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200 ug


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A freshly-harvested Sprague Dawley rat brain was dissected and the cerebral cortex was excised, flash-frozen in liquid nitrogen, and stored frozen until lysis. The tissue was thoroughly homogenized at 4°C with a freshly prepared modified Radio Immuno Precipitation Assay (RIPA) buffer containing protease and phosphatase inhibitor cocktails. The final homogenate was incubated with DNase, followed by clarification by centrifugation (10,000 x g, 4 °C) and storage at -80?°C. Each lot of lysate is quality controlled by determining the protein concentration using a BCA assay and analyzed with SDS-PAGE using Coomassie blue for visualization. Sharp, clear protein bands indicate a quality protein lysate.


2.5 mg/mL

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Liquid in 0.1M Tris-HCl, 0.15M NaCl, 0.1% SDS, 0.5% Na Deoxycholate, 1% Triton X -100, pH 7.4


Store at -80°C for up to 1 year. Upon initial thaw, prepare working aliquots and store at -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.