Recombinant Mouse LIF, Endotoxin Free


Differentiation-stimulating factor, D factor, Melanoma-derived LPL inhibitor (MLPLI).

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CRO501A pdf (datasheet)


10 ug


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LIF has the capacity to induce terminal differentiation in leukemic cells. Its activities include the induction of hematopoietic differentiation in normal and myeloid leukemia cells, the induction of neuronal cell differentiation, and the stimulation of acute-phase protein synthesis in hepatocytes. Human and mouse LIF share 78% homology and activities of LIF are not species-specific. Human LIF is active on mouse cells, but murine LIF is not active on human cells.

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Molecular Weight:

Recombinant mouse LIF contains 188 amino acids and a 10 a.a. histidine-based tag for a total length of 199 a.a. and has a predicted molecular mass of 21.2 kDa.


Lyophilized from a 0.2 ┬Ám sterile filtered solution of PBS, pH 7.2.


>95% by SDS-PAGE gel analysis.

Biological Activity:

The bioactivity of recombinant mouse LIF was determined by its ability to induce differentiation of murine M1 myeloid leukemia cells where 50 U is defined as the amount of mLIF required to induce differentiation of 50% of M1 cells. Recombinant mouse LIF has been validated in standard mESC based gene targeting for generation of knock-out mice.

Specific Activity:

> 1.0 x 10E-8 units/mg