Recombinant Mouse Multimeric CD40L


CD40 Ligand/TNFSF5


CD154, CD40-L, Cd40l, HIGM1, IGM, IMD3, Ly-62, Ly62, T-BAM, TRAP, Tnfsf5, gp39



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CRM030 pdf (datasheet)


10 μg


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Recombinant mouse multimeric CD40L is a high activity construct in which two trimeric CD40 ligands are artificially linked via the collagen domain of mouse ACRP30 (adiponectin). This construct effectively simulates the natural membrane-assisted aggregation of CD40L in vivo. It provides a simple and equally potent alternative to using a combination of CD40L plus an enhancer to increase efficacy. Multimeric CD40L has been shown to suppress alum-induced IL-1β release and caspase-1 activation in a CD40-, dose-, and time-dependent manner without affecting BMDM viability. It also effectively suppressed the inflammasome function triggered by NLRP3 activators. The secretion of caspase-1 independent inflammatory mediators has been shown to be unaltered or even enhanced.

Mouse CD40L, aa 115-260, is fused at the N-terminus to mouse collagen domain of ACRP30 (aa18-111) and a FLAG tag.

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CHO cells

Molecular Weight:

~35-40 kDa by SDS-PAGE

Biological Activity:

Induces B cells activation as demonstrated by the dose-dependent upregulation of CD86.
Binds to mouse and human CD40.

Endotoxin Level:

<0.01 EU/μg purified protein as determined by LAL test.


Centrifuge vial prior to opening. Reconstitute with 100μl sterile water for a 0.1 mg/ml solution. PBS containing at least 0.1% BSA should be used for further dilutions.


Store lyophilized product at 2-8°C upon arrival. For long term store at -20°C for up to 6 months. After reconstitution, freeze in aliquots and store at -20 to -80°C. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.