Synthetic Urobilinogen




Sterobilionogen, Mesobilinogen

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Urobilinogen is a bile pigment that is produced by the degradation of conjugated bilirubin in the biliary tree and small intestine. It is water soluble and colorless. Urobilinogen has several fates: partial oxidation to urobilin partial reabsoption in the small intestine and recirculation back to the liver - enterohepatic circulation reabsorption into blood and passage to kidney for excretion. Urobilinogen is present in the urine of normal subjects. If there is an increase in urobilinogen in the urine then this indicates hepato-cellular dysfunction or an increased bilirubin formation, e.g. due to hemolysis. In intrahepatic obstruction there is no urobilinogen in the urine.

This Synthetic Urobilinogen is used as an indicator in urine controls and test strips.

Note: This product is produced by reduction of bilirubin. It contains a mixture of byproducts of the reaction (including stercobilin, urobilin and stercobilinogen).


25 g/L (4 ml contains 100 mg)

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pH Value (20°C): 13.2


Clear amber to orange solution in aqueous sodium hydroxide. Protein is protected from air and light with an argon pad.


≤ 1% bilirubin by dipstick method


Store at 2-8°C, protect from air and light, protected under argon. SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS: Air and light sensitive. Keep Urobilinogen container tightly closed. After opening replace with nitrogen or argon pad. Minimize Urobilinogen exposure to air and light. Stable for 1 year. Do not freeze.